AI, is it fast getting commoditized? Where will the edge be?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressively transitioning into a commodity, characterized by increased accessibility and integration into diverse products and services. These AI offerings are being bundled and presented as services, making them easily available to both businesses and individuals.

The availability of AI services on cloud computing platforms allows users to tap into pre-trained models, facilitating the development of applications without the need to start from scratch. This commoditization of AI services is breaking down entry barriers, enabling businesses of varying sizes to seamlessly integrate AI into their operations without significant upfront investments in expertise or infrastructure. Furthermore, many companies now provide ready-made AI solutions tailored for specific industries or use cases, reinforcing the perception of AI as a commodity. This trend is expected to persist as AI technologies mature, becoming even more user-friendly and accessible.

As AI becomes a common factor, a level playing field is inevitable. In such a scenario, differentiation from competitors becomes a critical consideration. 

The solution, it seems, lies in the timeless realm of human ingenuity, ushering in the next cycle of innovation and distinctiveness. In navigating the landscape of ubiquitous AI, organizations can rely on the creative and problem-solving capabilities of human minds to pioneer new ideas, approaches, and applications, thereby setting themselves apart from the competition.


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