IOT - The Next Frontier Of Online Expansion

The mobile is taking the Internet accessibility to the remaining frontiers of the global population.

Initiatives such as Tesla's Starlink project aims for global accessibility of high-speed internet at affordable rates.

Cloud based computing is making it possible for obiquitus realtime computing capability.

The next phase of the internet expansion is now being driven to bring on board all equipment, devices, etc. for greater interaction, integration and experience through iOT enablement.

By 2025, it is estimated that there will be more than to 21 billion IoT devices.

Thismakes it possible for the ability to manage, track, integrate and interact at a more cohesive and holistic manner. Brings about unpresidented capabilities and possibilities for the world at large.

These are all made possible through supporting technologies which includes voice enablement, AI, Big Date, VR, AR, etc.



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