Keep It Simple > Sensible > Elegant

I guess this applies to all decisions & actions in life.

These are key qualities that are to be found in all successful outcomes.

The applicability of this is critically relevant to all things IT / Digital. Unlike other industries, IT is subjected to a fast pace of change and disruption from constant innovation which keeps popping up from all unexpected quarters of the globe.

A new innovation can completely decimate all existing foundations, practices and know-how. Hence trying to achieve perfection in such a fluid environment is counterproductive.

Also like any other thing in life, we are spoiled for choice even for the simplest needs in life. In IT landscape is full of alternatives like no other. Steering through these alternatives and combinations is a next to impossible tasks complete.

It requires a depth and breadth of knowledge and a steady hand and mind to find the most pragmatic solution to meet the current and the foreseeable future context.

Every solution is like a double-edged knife. While one can make good use of it, it can also cause harm through improper use.

Trying to find that optimal balance of engineering for the requirement at hand should be the way forward and avoid the situation to under or over engineer a solution.



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