Online Presence - A Must Have

What is an online presence?

If you have a website, does it mean that you have an online presence?

If you have a social platform account(s), does it mean that you have an online presence? 

The answer can be YES. It can indeed be defended.

However to get a clear direction one needs to look into the reasons why one makes an effort to have an online presence. If the reason is to have an online visibility then just having a website along with some social platform accounts will not suffice. An online visibility requires that an entity be easily discoverable (360 degrees) to its target audience.

A website is the default base foundation of your online presence - gives you a unique online address, location, etc. But this does not guarantee that you are online discoverable. This requires that you are discoverable to your prospective audience through
01 Search
02 Advertisements
03 Content
04 Through the social platforms

Provided that these are met, one can confidently state that they have an online presence.



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