Voice - The Next Phase Of Digital Interaction

All major players are into it and also with many solutions.

However, these are still at its infancy and are set to become mainstream in the days ahead.

Voice will provide that next level of ease of interaction with Digital. While this will not replace the existing methods but will for sure carve out a significant share of human to digital interactions and will also extend to Digital to Digital Interactions.

The possibilities of Digital to Digital interactions over voice will also loosen up the rigid coding level integration to a more extensible speech related models.

Voice will enable a whole new world of possibilities.
For example
* A CEO can just simply ask for the yesterday's sales and revenue figures while on holiday on a beachfront enjoying a cup of tea.
* An HR manager can simply ask who is absent to work or on leave while driving his way to the office

Voice is set to dominate the enterprise as a key mechanism to interact with their digital assets for effective and instant updates and decision making.

A potential platform we are currently looking into at PragICTS is Amazon's Alexa. We also expect to venture into the other major alternatives by both Microsoft, Google, etc.

What is fueling these possibilities are primarily enabled by the rapid advancements in AI



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