Divergent Perspectives - Internet/eCommerce Statistics

The Internet connects the world's population like no other alternative. 
The numbers are staggering and provide unimaginable opportunities for those who are bold, brave, and creative. The numbers...

Key Numbers
- Population: 7.79 Billion
- Mobile: 5.15 Billion (66.11%)
- Internet: 4.57 Billion (58.55%)
- Social: 3.96 Billion (50.83%)

Numbers in Detail
- A person spends an average of 6 hours and 30 minutes per day on the Internet.
- Number of websites in the world: 1.7 Billion
- Global eCommerce revenue: 4.2 Trillion
- It is estimated that there will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers by 2020
- The number #1 reason people shop online is that they’re able to shop at all hours of the day.
- 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online
- 81% of consumers trust the advice of friends and family over businesses.
- 65% of shoppers look up price comparisons on their mobile device while in a physical store.
- 80% of people stop doing business with a company because of poor customer experience.
- Consumers are most likely to trust a business that makes it easy to contact people at the company.
- On average, only 2.86% of eCommerce website visits convert into a purchase.69% of shopping carts are abandoned. The unexpected extra cost is the number - one reason shoppers abandon carts.
- Abandoned cart follow-up emails have an average open rate of 45%
- On average, 52% of online stores have omni-channel capabilities. This means they sell to and communicate with customers through multiple channels. For example, you might have a website, Facebook Shop, Instagram account, and an email list.
- Nearly half (48% ) of online shoppers simply head straight to a large eCommerce marketplace.
- Mobile eCommerce is expected to account for 67.2% of digital sales in 2019.
- Users who have a negative experience on a mobile website are 62% less likely to purchase from that business in the future.
- Longer mobile page load times drastically increase bounces.
- Younger people spend more time shopping online than older people.

- There’s never been a better time to start an online store.
- Businesses without websites should set up an online store asap.
- Optimize your customer experience for convenience – one way you can do this is to set up a Facebook Shop.
- Advertise your products with Google Shopping so shoppers looking up price comparisons will see them.
- Create great product pages that are detailed, accurate, and answer every question shoppers might have.
- Harness the power of social proof to build trust and increase sales.
- Boost customer retention by providing a stellar customer experience.
- Build strong relationships with customers and make hands-on customer service a priority.
- Consistently seek to improve your website’s conversion rate.
- Optimize your checkout process to reduce abandoned carts.
- Avoid springing high fees on customers during the checkout process and consider offering free shipping.
- Create an email campaign to automatically follow up abandoned carts.
- Look to create a seamless, personalized omni-channel experience for customers.
- Capture shopper's attention by creating killer ad designs.
- Optimize your website to instill trust in visitors quickly.
- Choose a great website theme that’s optimized for mobile devices.
- Resize your images to improve your website’s load speed.
- Define a clear target market that you cater to.




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