'H' - The Hyped Part of HRM / HCM

Though there has been a resurgence and progress in HRM over the last number of decades, there is still a lingering feeling of a miss.

To a great extent HRM has been caught up in PR and Marketing than a genuine thought and consideration pertaining to what the objective effort should be to provide that empathetic balance between the employee and employer.

The Dilemma
Employer focuses on how to squeeze out the maximum effort with the least cost.
The employee focuses on how to get the maximum reward with the least effort.

Though this seems a contradiction. A deeper reflection points to a finer line that can be addressed to a greater extent.

The starting point I guess is to take an objective look at both ends from the other's shoe. Genuine empathy is critical.

A good guideline to keep in mind 'Life is not work. Work is not life'. The objective is for constant productivity and well-being while succeeding on the above premise.

Constructive planning, training, automation, processes, standards, tools and proper the work environment can contribute towards meeting these objectives provided it is pursued with a genuine cause.

The objective is to achieve higher outputs with less effort.



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