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IOT - The Next Frontier Of Online Expansion

The mobile is taking the Internet accessibility to the remaining frontiers of the global population.
Initiatives such as Tesla's Starlink project aims for global accessibility of high-speed internet at affordable rates.
Cloud based computing is making it possible for obiquitus realtime computing capability.

The next phase of the internet expansion is now being driven to bring on board all equipment, devices, etc. for greater interaction, integration and experience through iOT enablement.
By 2025, it is estimated that there will be more than to 21 billion IoT devices.
Thismakes it possible for the ability to manage, track, integrate and interact at a more cohesive and holistic manner. Brings about unpresidented capabilities and possibilities for the world at large.

These are all made possible through supporting technologies which includes voice enablement, AI, Big Date, VR, AR, etc.

Voice - The Next Phase Of Digital Interaction

All major players are into it and also with many solutions.
However, these are still at its infancy and are set to become mainstream in the days ahead.
Voice will provide that next level of ease of interaction with Digital. While this will not replace the existing methods but will for sure carve out a significant share of human to digital interactions and will also extend to Digital to Digital Interactions.
The possibilities of Digital to Digital interactions over voice will also loosen up the rigid coding level integration to a more extensible speech related models.
Voice will enable a whole new world of possibilities.
For example * A CEO can just simply ask for the yesterday's sales and revenue figures while on holiday on a beachfront enjoying a cup of tea. * An HR manager can simply ask who is absent to work or on leave while driving his way to the office
Voice is set to dominate the enterprise as a key mechanism to interact with their digital assets for effective and instan…

'H' - The Hyped Part of HRM / HCM

Though there has been a resurgence and progress in HRM over the last number of decades, there is still a lingering feeling of a miss.

To a great extent HRM has been caught up in PR and Marketing than a genuine thought and consideration pertaining to what the objective effort should be to provide that empathetic balance between the employee and employer.
The Dilemma
Employer focuses on how to squeeze out the maximum effort with the least cost.
The employee focuses on how to get the maximum reward with the least effort.

Though this seems a contradiction. A deeper reflection points to a finer line that can be addressed to a greater extent.
The starting point I guess is to take an objective look at both ends from the other's shoe. Genuine empathy is critical.
A good guideline to keep in mind 'Life is not work. Work is not life'. The objective is for constant productivity and well-being while succeeding on the above premise.
Constructive planning, training, automation, proc…

Open Source Or Commercial Software ?

Well, both have their merits and concerns.
Both have their deployments, customers and die hard supporters.

Both can get the job done depending on the context of consideration.
One is neither superior nor inferior to the other.

Key considerations for selection includes - Cost - Availability of skillset - Ease of onboarding and mastery - Openness for integration and extensibility - Platform Availability and interoperability
When considering it is critical of an objective and open approach and study than being driven and influenced by hype and one-sided marketing bull.
It's all about making a good decision with clear facts

Online Presence - A Must Have

What is an online presence?
If you have a website, does it mean that you have an online presence?
If you have a social platform account(s), does it mean that you have an online presence? 

The answer can be YES. It can indeed be defended.

However to get a clear direction one needs to look into the reasons why one makes an effort to have an online presence. If the reason is to have an online visibility then just having a website along with some social platform accounts will not suffice. An online visibility requires that an entity be easily discoverable (360 degrees) to its target audience.
A website is the default base foundation of your online presence - gives you a unique online address, location, etc. But this does not guarantee that you are online discoverable. This requires that you are discoverable to your prospective audience through
01 Search
02 Advertisements 03 Content
04 Through the social platforms
Provided that these are met, one can confidently state that they have an onli…

Keep It Simple > Sensible > Elegant

I guess this applies to all decisions & actions in life.
These are key qualities that are to be found in all successful outcomes.
The applicability of this is critically relevant to all things IT / Digital. Unlike other industries, IT is subjected to a fast pace of change and disruption from constant innovation which keeps popping up from all unexpected quarters of the globe.

A new innovation can completely decimate all existing foundations, practices and know-how. Hence trying to achieve perfection in such a fluid environment is counterproductive.

Also like any other thing in life, we are spoiled for choice even for the simplest needs in life. In IT landscape is full of alternatives like no other. Steering through these alternatives and combinations is a next to impossible tasks complete.
It requires a depth and breadth of knowledge and a steady hand and mind to find the most pragmatic solution to meet the current and the foreseeable future context.
Every solution is lik…